We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage that informs, engages and entertains

Digital Signage is used extensively to deliver entertainment, information, alerts and advertisements across a wide range of industries. By combining graphics, text and other visual elements, Digital Billboards offer a powerful medium that can reach and engage your audience in a compelling way.

Providing high-value information creates a feeling of belonging and assurance. It helps to facilitate an event or wayfinding system or connects people to live transport information such as flight information or local bus and train timetables.

Creating a positive impression by sharing relevant content across social platforms or interacting with immersive content are all elements of the tailored Digital Signage solutions KODUM can provide.

Tailored Digital Signage solutions for any application

At KODUM we can design, deploy and manage customised Digital Signage solutions for a range of applications. These include stadiums and venues, wayfinding and information kiosks, hotels and restaurants, healthcare and aged care, retail, video walls, lift lobbies and corporate offices.

Quality partnerships to deliver your message

A Digital Signage system from KODUM is guaranteed to deliver your message. Our confidence comes from the leading brands that we work with to provide tailored digital signage solutions that work for you.


We’d love for you to be our next success story and get you on your way to connecting with technology. If you are interested in audio visual, automation & conferencing – get in touch today.