About us

KODUM are audio visual, automation & conferencing engineers unified by
our love of quality and performance. We empower & enable organizations to place technology at the
heart of everything they do.

KODUM was born from the realisation that we now work in a very different technology landscape.

Technology is moving faster than ever before and businesses are looking to use this technology to achieve great things for their organisations.

What can we do for you?

KODUM provides leading-edge technology that is reinventing workplace communication, user experience and improving the ability of individuals, organizations and businesses to collaborate. We create opportunities for leveraging technology and unifying technology platforms that already exist in your business or workplace.

We partner with the most innovative technology providers, ensuring our clients have access to the most advanced, secure, and effective solutions available today.

As an industry leader, we believe we have the brightest minds in the industry and use this to continually explore new ways to do things. This approach to excellence sees KODUM solutions at the heart of some of the most important mission critical sites across New Zealand & Australia. We will also be found in some of the most fun and collaborative spaces where creativity needs to flow seamlessly.


Our ability to scale technical products and services to any size and need.

KODUM made a conscious decision to explore, learn and invest into understanding the connection between AV and IT and have worked hard to bridge this gap to deliver some of the largest and most complex AV systems across the New Zealand & Australia region.
Understanding this, KODUM is able to scale a range of solutions for any size business, SME or Enterprise.

We see ourselves as pioneers, and we continue to lead the way in integrated technologies.
We believe It's our ability to understand and adapt to rapid growth technology that has gifted us ninja like agility to adapt to and capture technological shift.

KODUM is here to support Government, Universities, Corporate, Commercial, Engineers and Consultants as well as provide education programs to school leavers looking to enter the industry.

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