We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Specialist Projects

Technology that’s out of the ordinary

At KODUM we have a long history of providing tailored solutions for specialist applications, Research and Development and Proof-Of-Concept projects.

From Medical Response Kits, Portable Court Transcription Systems and Military Field Comms & Control Kits to Emergency Response and National Operations Management Systems (NOC), we have the skills, experience and partnerships to provide solutions for projects that push the boundaries.

Providing the total bespoke solution

A key part in delivering specialist and Proof-Of-Concept projects is our ability to work directly with electronic and fabrication manufacturers. This enables us to provide a total solution, from development to production and supply. Our customisation skills can take care of even the trickiest requirements and include working on bespoke projects from scratch or modifying off-the-shelf products.

The confidence that comes from experience

We have extensive experience in this space, so you can be sure that we’ll deliver. We encourage clients to think outside the box and explore non-standard physical and functional elements. If you have a unique project or a department with a very defined scope that you’re having trouble filling, then talk to our Specialist Services Team.


We’d love for you to be our next success story and get you on your way to connecting with technology. If you are interested in audio visual, automation & conferencing – get in touch today.