We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Smart, connected lighting for business, government, healthcare and public buildings

With programmed lighting, you can control your building spaces, automate scenes with ambient light levels and reduce energy usage, which in turn leads to a smaller carbon footprint.

Energy Management and Lighting Control Systems are visually stunning and reconfigurable. They enhance productivity by creating a more comfortable working environment for your building’s occupants.

The experience to tailor the right Intelligent Lighting solution

A Smart, automated lighting system from KODUM features all the equipment needed for recording data and maintaining independent control and monitoring of a building’s services and plants. It covers the whole spectrum, from individual room controllers and switch plates through to forming part of a wider Integrated Control System for an entire building or enterprise. You can also link the lighting control, solar power generation and any other third party BMS sub-systems such as traditional HVAC control to create a single energy-managed platform.

Quality partnerships deliver outstanding results

Automated Smart Lighting doesn’t have to be difficult. At KODUM we make Building Lighting Control Easy by working closely with leading smart lighting providers to customise the solution that’s right for your space.


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