We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Digital Content Creation and Design

Digital signage content that engages and motivates

When it comes to creating high impact digital signage, content is king. Randomly assembled images and simple video clips just don’t cut it in today’s demanding environment. Key messages need to be identified and then delivered through a mix of motion graphics, images, video and live data feed to connect and motivate your audience.

The experience to create content that works for digital signage

Designing content for digital signage has many different considerations to other mediums. There’s not only the key message to think about. The environment needs to be taken into account, as do the aesthetics, the technology platform being used and how your target audience moves through the space.

            At KODUM we have extensive experience in developing cut-through digital content that will capture the attention of your audience within seconds, and hold them. We achieve this by using our team of content experts, who design and produce rich, high quality content that meet the unique creative demands of digital signage systems.


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