We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Assistive Listening and Hearing Loops

Creating a better hearing experience

Hearing Loops help those with hearing loss. It increases the clarity of amplified sound, by working in conjunction with a person’s own hearing aid.

Hearing Loops really are life changing. They help people who are hard of hearing to engage, contribute and be aware of any critical announcements such as an emergency evacuation status.

Tailored Assistive Listening solutions for your space

KODUM can design, calibrate and certify a range of Assistive Listening Systems to meet BWOF [Building Warrant Of Fitness]. These include Induction Loops, Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR) Hearing Loops, and FM Systems. They connect directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field or compatible receiver, greatly reducing background noise and giving the user clear, precise audio.

Quality partnerships deliver outstanding results

At KODUM, we provide innovative Assistive Listening technology to enhance the lives of people who are hard of hearing. We achieve this by working closely with the world leaders in Hearing Loop systems to customise the Assistive Listening solution that’s right for your spaces.


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