Strategy is the means by which
you plan to achieve your goal.

Realise the Vision

Project Planning Starts with creating a vision: an overarching, shared goal that guides people and their organizations. KODUM understands without an agreed vision it's difficult to make decisions on the functionality, the design and other aspects of the project. Having a clear vision will feed into the strategy workshops and will avoid the project team from getting lost in the detail early on. KODUM has a team of seasoned technology consultants that will work closely with you to help create the vision for your next project.

Collaborative Innovation

Collaborations vary greatly depending on the goals, settings, teams and resources. KODUM has extensive experience in Collaborative Design Process and believes all projects should be developed in a collaborative way. We believe collaborating on projects with a diverse range of stakeholders allows KODUM to shape the perfect solution for you and your organisation.

Roadmap Consulting

KODUM has specialist staff that work with you to understand the value in road mapping your business. We help you understand the gap between your business needs and your infrastructure capabilities. Understanding where you sit as an organization and the challenges you face to meet your business requirements is where KODUM can help. We work closely with you to identify the barriers and shortfalls that are blocking your organization from taking advantage of today's technology.

Facilities Auditing

Most Business don't know as much as they should about the condition and quantity of their technology assets. We often see high performance organizations that have below average performance on their technology assets.

KODUM has vast experience in site auditing and asset capture and will provide your business with comprehensive audits to allow you to make informed project and budgeting decisions. A technology audit from KODUM gives the asset managers a creditable voice in the budgeting process and allows the facility leadership team to understand and effectively support their organization. Once a facility audit is complete it will also contain important information for the project teams to look at how existing infrastructure can be leveraged or replaced for upcoming technology focused projects.

Asset Capture

Asset capture is often carried out at the same time as a facilities audit. The main purpose of asset capture is to import all technology assets into a real time asset management and monitoring suite of software tools. This forms the basis for management reporting, real time monitoring of hardware and faster fault resolution by field service technicians.

KODUM deploys a range of customized tools and portal based dashboards for you to view your entire facility and report upon your assets performance.

Other Services

Enterprise Management

  • Building automation
  • Organizational adoption
  • Standardised user experience
  • Business intelligence
  • Unified communications
  • Asset Management

Integrated Environments

  • Meeting rooms
  • Presentation spaces
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Automated rooms, buildings or enterprises
  • Command and Control Centres
  • R&D / Pilot initiatives

Global Support

  • Service agreements
  • Rapid response onsite support
  • Remote support
  • Realtime asset monitoring
  • Field support
  • User training programs

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