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Pandemic drives innovation in remote participation for Justice and Chamber Conferencing.

The Covid-19 lockdown has highlighted the need for Justice and Council technology to keep things moving when physical interaction isn’t possible.

While the recent pandemic hasn’t prevented the wheels of justice from turning or local councils from voting on decisions that affect their communities, it has made apparent the importance for technology to keep pace with the need for remote participation.

“It’s been particularly challenging for organisations who haven’t historically used their technology in this way,” says Andrew Green, Chief Visionary Officer from Kodum. “They’re suddenly faced with the need for a remote workforce but have no way of dealing with it.”

Kodum is a leading provider of Courtroom and Chamber Technologies in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. “We have the capability and solutions that can help Government Departments keep pace with the demands of the new normality,” says Andrew.

This enterprise technology enables seamless remote participation, broadcasting, collaborating and archiving when physical meetings aren’t possible.

Bringing technologies together key to success

Andrew points out that many agencies and facilities have already invested significantly in their infrastructure and portable technologies. “We understand the challenges this raises,” he says. “Finding ways to bring this technology together holistically into a unified, centrally managed media network is a key first step in improving user experience and operational efficiency.”

Kodum works with industry leading manufacturers and draws on the expertise of their own in-house integrators to understand, develop and deploy systems for Governments and Councils. It’s something they’ve been doing for over 15 years.

Are Cloud Based Platforms the answer?

Covid-19 has seen a proliferation of Cloud Based Conferencing Platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WebEx. “While they’re great platforms, they simply don’t have all the functionality needed for operationally complex environments,” says Andrew.

Kodum has built a reputation for challenging accepted design methodologies and staying at the front of the innovation curve. They now see a need to go back to a concept design level. “As technology consultants and solution architects, we look outside the norm for innovative solutions to these modern challenges,” Andrew says.

He also highlights that change needs to happen at pace and at scale. “Things are moving incredibly fast as businesses and people adapt to remote workplaces.”

Kodum maintains local distributor and global manufacturer relationships and collaborates regularly with their supply chain so that they can continue to advise clients on the best solutions for their environments.

“We all talk about the new norm,” says Andrew. “The fact is, Covid is going to drive some amazing innovation and technological shift and cultural change in the next few years.”

Kodum’s goal is to ensure Governments and Councils are well-placed to take advantage of this innovation.

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