We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Kodum rolls out new services across Australia.

Kodum, an industry leading Technology Services Provider, has announced that they are expanding their service stack offering to the Australian market in Q2 this year.

The move enables the company to better support existing clients in the Government and Enterprise sectors and take premium and unique services to new markets. It also improves Kodum’s ability to provide a higher quality of service to their customers in the Pacific Islands.

“We can better enable organisations to captitalise on the rapid changes that are sweeping through their industries,” Andrew Green, Chief Visionary Officer from Kodum explains.

Opportunities with the “new norm”

Andrew points out that the post-pandemic world will bring with it a whole new raft of challenges and opportunities. “Businesses and organisations that remain agile, open to new thinking and that can truly bridge the gap between traditional markets such as IT, AV and UC will be better placed for success. Our rollout of technology solutions will help achieve that.”

When Kodum talks about “bridging the gap” they’re not just speaking figuratively. With offices across Australia and New Zealand (and the ability to deliver projects throughout the Asia Pacific region), Kodum provides multi-national clients with a single end-to-end partner.

New positions within Kodum’s Australian offices will be created in the coming months to ensure consistent quality and depth across all of their services and accounts.

To learn more about Kodum’s extensive solutions offering, please contact us.


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