We’re excited to announce that Kodum is now operating as part of the Vega Global Group.

Kodum now a Streamforce Platinum Partner.

In recognition of the way they have led the IPTV market in Australia and New Zealand, Exterity has certified Kodum as a Streamforce Platinum Partner.

Exterity is a world leading platform provider that specialises in new age IP media for Hotels, Government, Digital Signage and cloud-based connected services. In recent years the company has driven considerable change in the way such systems are designed and thought about and the experience it delivers to both guests and users.

As an early adopter, Kodum has played a key role in delivering this high quality, rich and interactive experience across a wide range of applications throughout New Zealand and Australia.

“Kodum has been a great supporter of Exterity for a number of years now,” says Jamie Hind from Exterity. “They’ve involved us in some exciting projects, and with staff from both their technical and sales divisions having been through our IP Video Essentials certification, it’s a pleasure to have them as part of the program.”

The Streamforce Platinum Partner Certification gives Kodum’s clients access to comprehensive Technical, Sales, Marketing and Training support that will help them stay at the cutting edge of IPTV technology.

As the demand grows for solutions that effectively deliver content across all platforms, being able to share information efficiently while enhancing viewer experience is vital to an organisation’s success.

“An Exterity IP video solution lets customers push beyond the traditional boundaries of enterprise communication,” says Andrew Green, Kodum’s Chief Visionary Officer. “It integrates TV, Digital Signage, Way Finding and Event video into all aspects of their visual communication strategy.”

Scalability a key benefit

Exterity systems and products form the core TV and video distribution in some of the world’s largest and most recognised companies in the world.

“The modular nature of Exterity systems allows products to be installed and scaled as necessary to the needs of a specific organisation or even right down to a particular use,” says Andrew. “This means customers from the largest corporates to small schools and boutique hotels can adopt an IP video solution with ease.”

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