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Kodum delivers next gen collaboration for AIG.

AIG has set a new benchmark in communication, collaboration and efficiencies with the overhaul of their meeting room technologies.

AIG, a leading insurance provider, has always embraced the latest technologies to maintain an efficient working environment.

As part of a recent infrastructure upgrade at their Auckland office, AIG asked Kodum to rethink the company’s meeting rooms and deploy technologies to create more collaborative and productive spaces. No mean feat when the diversity of room configurations was taken into account.

“A key outcome for AIG was to get a consistent user experience across the different room types,” Mike Nesbitt, Senior Consultant from Kodum explains. “It was also important that the technology could be scaled quickly and easily across the organisation, both here and in Australia.”

Simplicity was another key component of the brief. “The technology needed to be easy to use by anyone in the organisation,” Mike says.

Unique set of skills gets job done

Such a challenging scope required a unique collection of skills. “We brought in the team from our Advanced Technical Services division,” Mike says. These dedicated ICT, language and platform programmers have extensive experience in handling what Mike likes to call “the tricky stuff”.

The ATS team evaluated how the system functionality needed to work and provided programming and optimisation services to make it all happen.

The team also provides AIG stakeholders with deeper technical requirements. “Many technology providers outsource this side of things,” says Mike. “This can lead to reduced support capabilities, as when a fault comes in, the programmer who sets things up doesn’t work for the company.”

Kodum doesn’t do things that way. “We have all of those skillsets in-house to deal with any issues quickly and effectively.”

Ongoing support and maintenance

Kodum’s approach to providing relevant technology solutions is very much a long term one. “We believe the relationship starts after the solution has been implemented,” says Mike.

Kodum’s industry-leading As-A-Service offering supplements their regular Kodum Care Support services. “As-A-Service enables AIG to outsource their day-to-day AV and IT technology management responsibilities and functions for a monthly fee,” says Mike. “It gives them peace of mind knowing they’re always being looked after.”

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