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Entertainment out. Experience in. Hotels do major pivot.

Driven by the need to stand out and deliver the ultimate guest experience, more and more hotels are implementing clever user-experience technologies.

Once upon a time the goal of a hotel chain was to create a consistent, simple experience across every location, regardless of specific guest requirements or the unique location of their stay.

That’s not necessarily the case any longer, says Mike Nesbitt, Senior Technology Consultant and IPTV specialist of Kodum, a leading provider of integrated technologies to the hotel industry.

“There’s a move now to using internet protocol technology to create an experience that’s unique and personalised to a specific guest.”

Mike notes that the technology that underpins the guest experience now goes way beyond traditional audiovisual elements such as MATV and digital signage. There’s now a strong need for data management and API integration between systems. This not only creates a check-in to check-out guest experience – it also enables the development of strategies that will help hotels monetise the investment.

Personalising the guest experience

Kodum provides end-to-end IPTV solutions that enable hotels to provide personalised – and therefore relevant – information to their guests.

Hotels can capture TV, Video and web-based content directly from any source and manage its delivery to their guests via any connected device using their existing network.

“Typically, a guest will tend to participate in an app’s offering more, and share more data as a result, if that offering is relevant to them,” says Mike.

A personalised in-room welcome message is a great way to make a guest feel special. But that’s just the beginning.

Eye-catching, customisable interfaces can provide tailored promotional information to drive additional revenue and enable guests to book excursions, spa treatments and more from the comfort of their rooms.

Room personalisation and analytic-driven experiences can now feed into the system, whereby favourite settings or offered experiences are suggested based on a guest’s previous stay data or complement something they’ve booked for their current stay.

“Once clients start thinking in these sorts of terms, it really opens their eyes to the potential for their business,” Mike says.

Cutting edge IPTV solutions

Kodum works closely with EXTERITY, the market-leading provider of IP Video, Guest Experience and Digital Signage technology, to provide tailored immersive IPTV solutions for hotels large and small throughout Australasia.

Kodum was recently certified as an Exterity Streamforce Platinum Partner in recognition of the way they have led the IPTV market in Australia and New Zealand.

This Certification gives Kodum’s clients access to comprehensive Technical, Sales, Marketing and Training support that will help them stay at the cutting edge of IPTV technology.

“Early engagement is key to us helping a hotel create an outstanding guest experience,” Mike says. “We gather information, identify solutions and then get to work on the relevant architecture.”

To engage with our consultancy teams or to find out more about a tailored IPTV solution that will enhance your guest experience, please contact us today.


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