Integrated Environments

We now live in a highly connected and integrated world where we expect the same of our workplaces.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting room operation should be easy. At KODUM we believe that one touch is all you need. Take control of your AV equipment, shades, lights, temperature effortlessly through one integrated control system. KODUM are experts in tailoring flexible solutions for your specific business needs. KODUM also offers a range of conferencing and collaboration platforms to take your digital meeting or presentation to people outside your organization.

Presentation Spaces

We understand larger rooms require a greater level of attention and detail. KODUM are experts in understanding the challenges with audio and video capture and replay, and have many years' experience in solution design, audio capture techniques, DSP engineering and acoustic analysis to ensure the proposed solution meets the requirements and challenges of the space.

Video systems and their placement is critical, there for a KODUM designer will document in detail visual challenges and the proposed plan to overcome them.

KODUM will bring the technology together through a standardised control system and touch panel interface. This will give you easy control over the rooms functionality to ensure your presentation is an audibly clear and visually stunning experience for your audience.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaboration should be easy and done from your seat. KODUM have the tools and solutions available to enable you to interact with your audience.

KODUM wireless presentation systems allow multiple users to participate, view, control and collaborate from any device.

Automated Rooms, Buildings or Enterprises

KODUM have vast experience in automating environments. From a single room with a few devices to entire enterprises with thousands. KODUM is undaunted by scale and backs up this confidence with a proven track record of deploying and supporting some of the country's largest audio visual systems.

KODUM works regularly with the country's leading Engineers, Architects and Construction Companies and is a site safe certified organization.

Command and Control Centres

Situational Awareness utilising the latest in networked AV, Streaming, VOD (Video on Demand), control and interactive response tools are vital for mission critical applications.

R&D / Pilots

R&D and pilot projects is a KODUM specialty.

For over 10 years KODUM have been the go to company for government departments looking to build something from the ground up for special applications. By utilizing off the shelf product, customization techniques and off shore manufacturing makes KODUM truly unique.

Other Services


  • Realise the vision
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Roadmap consulting
  • Facilities auditing
  • Asset Capture

Enterprise Management

  • Building automation
  • Organizational adoption
  • Standardised user experience
  • Business intelligence
  • Unified communications
  • Asset Management

Global Support

  • Service agreements
  • Rapid response onsite support
  • Remote support
  • Realtime asset monitoring
  • Field support
  • User training programs

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