Enterprise Management

A Digital Enterprise is a more successful Enterprise. Companies that are digitally more advanced perform significantly better financially than companies that are less digitally mature.

Building Automation

At KODUM we believe technology automation should barely be visible, be extremely robust, easily scalable and provide a high quality user experience across your organization. We understand taking an ad-hoc approach in the era of the digital enterprise can place your business at a disadvantage or at operational risk.

KODUM strategically implements automation across a range of building services such as, Audio Visual, Lighting, Air Conditioning, EVAC, BMS, Access Control and Security to ensure your facilities can deliver far greater value to you, your organization and its clients. KODUM ensures it is designed and deployed in a way that allows you respond quickly to changing requirements and flexible enough to support technological shift.

KODUM brings the best practice guidance, products and services you need to achieve a robust, high quality experience through automation.

Organisational Adoption

We understand that users fear new technology and believe it to be difficult to use. The truth is the opposite if done correctly.

At KODUM we are experts in organizational adoption.

We will work closely with the thought leaders and innovators of the project and provide the much needed translation to the users. We also carry out focus group sessions for the users to ensure critical functionality requirements are fed back to the design team.

Standardised User Experience

Technology in everyday business has become progressively more complex as our industries technologies and methodologies advance. What used to be relatively simple with basic controls, now needs to be intuitive, engaging and provide a rich experience for the user all whilst being extremely easy to operate.

KODUM are industry leaders in understanding this challenge. We take the time to understand your requirements and how your organization will engage with their integrated spaces.

We believe that that no matter who the user, the experience should be standardised. Deploying ad hoc user interfaces with varying operational features leaves users confused and less likely to be engaged with their technology environment.

Business Intelligence

KODUM are leading the way in technology focused business intelligence.

We utilize a range of tools and processes that allow us to:

  • Understand your business & its technology
  • Develop asset integration systems to allow real time reporting and data migration.
  • Deliver real-time business benefits and return on investment strategy and tracking
  • Provide use diagnostics and advise on sensible scaling opportunities
  • Help you realise your competitive advantage
  • Analyse user engagement and how people operate systems.
  • Allow you to understand scale

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is all about communications being integrated to optimize the process. Also known as UC, KODUM helps clients unpick what this means for them.

KODUM focuses on the unification of Video Conferencing, Telephony, Streaming Services, Automation and Control solutions.

Asset Management

KODUM are asset management specialists. We use a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively through government approved, secure disposal partners

Other Services


  • Realise the vision
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Roadmap consulting
  • Facilities auditing
  • Asset Capture

Integrated Environments

  • Meeting rooms
  • Presentation spaces
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Automated rooms, buildings or enterprises
  • Command and Control Centres
  • R&D / Pilot initiatives

Global Support

  • Service agreements
  • Rapid response onsite support
  • Remote support
  • Realtime asset monitoring
  • Field support
  • User training programs

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