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Cisco enhances service to make remote working smarter.

Working from home is no longer seen as a perk under the new norm, but more as an imperative. Kodum is helping clients cope with this unprecedented demand for remote working, with a suite of enhanced services from Cisco, a world leader in IT, networking and cyber security.

“It’s our priority to enable people to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device, so they can stay connected with their teams and continue to do business,” says Michael Clegg, Consultant at Kodum.

Cisco Webex is an integral part of this offering, with a range of innovative web and video conferencing solutions.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, traffic on the Webex backbone has experienced a massive surge worldwide. “The free sign-ups in impacted countries are up around 7 times more than pre-outbreak sign-up rates,” Michael says.

Cisco has expanded the capabilities on their free Webex offer in response to these demands. Via partners such as Kodum, Cisco are enabling end users and organisations to transition to a highly secure, industry leading platform while others remain plagued by security concerns, call quality or shortfalls in functionality.

Features now include unlimited usage and the ability to support up to 100 participants.

“The platform also allows for toll dial-in, in addition to existing VoIP capabilities,” Michael explains.

Cisco enhances service to make remote working smarter

Maintaining business continuity

These changes enable Kodum to continue to ensure their clients’ business needs are met. Michael points out that most cloud services plan and size for peak volumes, both in terms of infrastructure and network capacity. “Cisco is continually working with carriers to improve last mile connectivity to reduce latency between end-users and the Webex cloud.”

A number of organisations are asking Kodum how their existing unified systems, including video and telephone conferencing fit in. “It’s time to think beyond the platform and look deeper at its value in a wider collaboration ecosystem,” Michael says.

He goes on to explain that a collaboration ecosystem reinforces an organisation’s unified needs across calling, meeting, team collaboration, contact centres and more. “It provides that all-important bridge between on-premise technology and mobility, and the cloud.”

Kodum actively monitors global traffic trends and provides clients with timely updates and practical advice on remote working.

Contact us to find out more about how Cisco’s enhanced Webex offering can enhance remote working for your organisation.


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